Where to shop bulk and package free in Bristol

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

With a more zero waste lifestyle being at the forefront of my goals this year and wanting to end the year feeling confident I have created much less waste than last year I am now attempting to get on it with my bulk and package free shopping.  It takes a little more time and organisation especially when, like me, you don't drive OR ride a bike but when it comes to food shopping in Bristol we are fairly well served in the bulk shopping department especially with Zero Green now opened on North Street and with the promise of two more zero waste shops opening North of the river too!

I wanted to compile a list of my favourite places to shop in Bristol that offer bulk and package free options that I can keep updating over time, so please let me know if I have missed anything off the list that you feel deserves a mention.

If you too want to work towards a more zero waste lifestyle then head to my Instagram account @ecothing that I run with my friend Chrissy for more ramblings along the same lines!

Betterfood, St. Werburghs -
Oats, Salt, Rice, Olive oil, Eggs, Wine, Ecover and Eco Leaf Laundry Liquid, Softener and Washing Up Liquid, Shampoo, Conditioner, they also stock a locally made deoderant where the packaging can be returned to the store to be reused in a new batch of products.  They sell tiffins, keepcups, cloth bags and jars.

Scoop Away, Gloucester Road -
They have an extensive range of dried foods such as pasta and rice, spices, sweet stuff, coffee, tea, dried fruit, nuts, popcorn... the list is endless, they have sooooo much - the original zero waste shop in my eyes!

Zero Green, North Street - 
Bristols newest fanciest zero waste shop, they have so many things and are even open to suggestions of new things to get hold of if they don't already have it!

Harvest, Gloucester Road - I can't believe I haven't actually been here yet but I think they have a really great selection!

Popti & Beast, St. Werburghs - Newish bakery and butchers, SO much amazing delicious bread and pastries!  They are fine about putting your cakes in your own bags, they give you a discount if you use your own coffee cup and even sell milk in glass bottles, plus it's run by local guys!

Wild Oats, Whiteladies Road - 
Another I haven't visited but would love to!  They have so many amazing package free goods there and people always rave about them.

Various veg shops on Gloucester Road - 
Mostly plastic free and always very reasonable.

Eastgate Fruit and Veg market -
Some things unfortunately still come in plastic but most things don't and it is very cheap!

St. Werburghs City Farm -
Eggs from their own Chickens!

The Fish shop on Gloucester Road -
Wrap their fish in paper!

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