How to get started with Green Beauty + an easy skincare DIY

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

When I first got in to green beauty I had no idea where to start, so many brands and products I knew nothing about!  I recently asked my friend Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol, a Holistic and Beauty Therapist as well as green beauty Blogger and Vlogger to answer some of my questions and blimey, she was a WEALTH of knowledge!  I learnt so much from her!! 

So if you would like to start using natural products but first want to know what all this green beauty milarky is all about then watch our video!

I also recently wrote a blogpost for the very Lovely Emma from Mamalina all about how to make your own facial oil!  Its super easy and so easy to make just the right oil for your skin, plus I have saved a lot of money doing it myself!  Go and have a read if you love an easy DIY.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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