My Zero Waste Transition So Far

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

OMG it's February already, I mean, THANK GOD January is over but also, WTF?!  Anyway, I wont go on about how time flies blah blah blah but instead I wanted to talk about how my goal of becoming a leeetle bit more zero waste is going.  Now, zero waste is becoming so much of a 'trend' right now that I'm getting a little sick of hearing, saying or writing it, haha anyone else?!  But actually this is a REALLY GOOD THING!

When I first became fascinated in the whole (oh go here I go again) zero waste thing it was when it was less well known and the idea of walking in to a shop and asking if it was ok to use my own little homemade cotton bag to put my cashew nuts in, brought me out in sweats in fear of being laughed out of the shop!  Ha!  Well not quite, and to be fair where I live there are so many hippies that they've all been doing it for years probably, anyway and actually if they are anything like my mum, just roll their eyes and say 'thats how we used to do it when you were children!'.  It makes me realise how new this whole 'convenience' thing is and that it wasn't very long ago that people were using reusable everything!

So already this year I have made some changes that I am very pleased with and continue to try new things until I find the things that suit me, from cloth nappies and wipes to coffee cups and deodorant.  In my new videos below I discuss some of these changes and I have also set up a new community Facebook group (I know,  I'm so extra sometimes) so if you live North of the river in Bristol then search 'How to be Plastic Free (North Bristol)' on Facebook and come join me, its basically a space to share how to shop zero waste (and anything else related) in North Bristol!

Are you making any changes to how much waste you produce as an individual or a family?  I'd love to know what yours have been!

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