How to make your own DIY oil cleanser | Dry to combination skin.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

I'm a sucker for a DIY and as a current student in the life of all things green living and an ex product junkie I couldn't wait to get making my own homemade skincare products!  I have been using my homemade micellar water for a while now and I love it so next on my list was an oil cleanser!

I have been using natural, green, cruelty free skincare for years now but good cleansers can be very expensive and very packaging heavy.  I had a little search around the internet for recipes and started collecting the ingredients that sounded good for my skin type, which is dry, dry as hell.  Tired too and also sometimes spot prone.  I know, I know, lucky me right!?  My hope is that eventually I will be able to find most of these ingredients package free and as we have two zero waste shops about to open in Bristol this could be sooner than I thought!  Yippee!

Before I had all the ingredients to make my cleansing oil I started using rosehip seed oil on its own for both cleansing AND moisturising and I have to say I actually loved it.  It worked perfectly for my skin, removed makeup amazingly, cleaned my skin affectively and left it feeling soft, hydrated and happy.  I could have just stuck with that but no, because I am little miss extra about everything, I still wanted to make my own, more complicated recipe... don't ask, I annoy myself, I really do.

If like me you have dry/combination skin and would like to have a go making your own cleanser, here is the recipe I used below - completely natural, vegan and toxic-free!

1 tbsp Castor Oil
3 tbsp Organic Sunflower Oil
4 tbsp Avocado Oil
4 tbsp Rosehip Seed Oil

Mix all the oils in a bowl and then transfer to a bottle with a funnel.  I reused an old oil bottle that had been used up.

This recipe is based on researching which oils are good for dry skin, looking at ratios of other recipes and using oils that I already really liked.  So far it is working brilliantly for me, removing makeup perfectly and leaving my skin happy, clean and hydrated.  The only thing that has been slightly annoying is that Ive had my first spot in ages and I'm wondering if this is down to the castor oil as this ingredient tends to draw out impurities so my hope is that once they have been drawn out that all will be ok!

How to use it?  I am following the general rules of 'The Oil Cleansing Method', which if you google it, you will find many posts on this but basically I pour the oil in to my hand, about a 50p sized puddle, then I warm it by rubbing my hands together and then I massage it in to dry skin, even if I am wearing makeup.  Massage your whole face with the oil, taking time to concentrate on problem areas and do your eyes last if you are wearing eye makeup to avoid a face covered in mascara remnants!  Once you have massaged it in to the skin take a warm wash cloth and soak it under a hot tap, squeeze out the water and pop the warm cloth over your face so you steam the skin and open the pores to allow the oil to clean away all the impurites, when the cloth feels cool, gently wipe away the oil and the dirt.  I repeat this step with the cloth two or three times.  If I am wearing a lot of makeup, I give my face another quick cleanse.  Apparently you only need to do this at night and then when you wake up in the morning all you need is a clean wash cloth and some warm water followed by your usual facial oil or moisturiser.  I have been cleansing morning and night but am going to stop in the morning now and see how it goes!

Have you made your own cleanser?  What recipe do you use? 


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