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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A couple of months ago I received a very lovely little parcel from The Wild Source Apothecary, a small batch, botanical beauty company producing vegan, ethical and completely natural skincare products with the most beautiful ingredients, made by a lady called Kate in her kitchen in Bristol.  I loved them so much, I almost forgot to photograph them before I used them all up but then decided to use the official Wild Source Apothecary photos anyway because the are SO BEAUTIFUL!

The Hot Oil Cleanser fast became a big favourite in my skincare routine, leaving my skin feeling really fresh and clean but also balanced and moisturised and it removed my makeup perfectly, although I tried not to waste this gorgeousness on makeup removal and usually used it after I had used my micellar water to remove my makeup first.  The ingredients speak for them selves and each one is there for a specific reason, creating a pretty perfect cleanser in my opinion!

The Miracle Skin Oil is gorgeous, I have been using it on its own and also layering with other oils when my skin is particularly needy (I'm a bit of an oil addict) I'd say if you have a oily/combination skin type and are afraid of using oils on your skin then this is the perfect one to try used on its own and if you are a more dehydrated skin type like me then you might want to add a moisturiser on top.  It also smells AMAZING, this little bottle ain't gonna be around for long that's for sure!

The Radiance Mask is suitable for even sensitive skin types and leaves mine feeling smooth and soft and looking a lot brighter.  Since I have stopped using an acid toner everyday I have noticed I need something a little extra every so often to refresh my skin and this has been perfect!  This is exactly the type of product I love to use before a big night out or  an event where I want to wear a little more makeup than usual as everything sits perfectly and stays looking perfect for much longer.

Definitely head over and read all about Kate's amazing skincare and all the beautiful ingredients she uses and what they can do for your skin, I will be purchasing another cleanser ASAP!

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