Visiting Salcombe in Autumn

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

We started half term with a well overdue trip to the inlaws, we love a catch up with bens parents and it always includes lush food, super comfy beds, a tidy house and a happy Charlie (and wonderful company of course)!  Another lovely thing about heading further in to the South West is all the beautiful little places there is to visit, this time we visited Salcombe on one of our days trips, a pretty little town on the Southern coast.

We had a little walk through the pretty streets, ate some yummy food and generally had a grand old time.  It was still super busy even though it was a rainy October day, I can only imagine how crazy it gets in the Summer!

We arrived home yesterday, late afternoon and have basically spent the day and a half since then discussing paint colours for the dining room.  We have finally decided on a pale pink (after much deliberation), I am very excited!  Tomorrow, Ben and I, have a child free day to pink up our dining room, it is going to be an excellent day.

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