New Autumn Boots

Thursday, 12 October 2017

On Sunday we ventured in to the countryside, to a little place with a funny name called North Nibley, in the Cotswolds.  Ben grew up there for some of his childhood so its always nice to pop back there so we can wind around the country lanes while Ben says 'thats where Andys, Aunty's dog Gerald pooed that one time' or 'thats where we crashed that motorbike me and my friends bought that we never told out parents about'... you know the kinds of things country folk do, LOL.  I was MUCH more sophisticated as a child obviously.

It was lovely to have a walk there with the boys and my Sister and Bro in-law, you really notice Autumn in the countryside don't you, in a way that the city doesn't quite match up to.  So we bumbled around, took in the views and then went for a pub lunch afterwards.  Wholesome or what.

The best thing about the Autumn is being able to pop your boots back on and wrap up in a big chunky scarf.  I don't think my feet remembered what it was like to wear shoes having lived in my sandals all summer but these boots from Duo Boots are so so comfortable it has been an easy transition! 

These photos were hilarious to take in the woods with funny looks from passers by and my child going feral with a stick but I just had to catch those Autumn leaves and that lush light, luckily my brother in law, Ben, just so happens to be an absolute mega amazing photographer (have a look at his Instagram) so, somehow, he managed to get a few where I wasn't batting away or child or pulling a pained expression, ha - thank you Ben!

Photographer: Ben Adams
Boots: Duo Boots
Scarf: Next
Jeans: Next Outlet at Clarkes Village
Top: Fat Face handed down from my lovely friend Fritha!

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