Shooting for Lionheart Magazine

Monday, 25 September 2017

Painting beautiful faces, chatting to some of my favourite new friends, wearing some AMAZING clothes from Ace & Jig and having my photo taken by the super clever Nell Mallia while giggling away in the long grass at Stoke Park for Lionheart Magazine.  Sounds fun eh?  I might need to recreate that day again somehow haha, but honestly it was LUSH!  

Making up faces I know is actually one of my favourite things to do, more so than faces I don't know for some reason so it was an extra joy to try out some Jane Iredale products on their lovely faces.  Having my photo taken is something I used to be terrible at, actually not when I was a kid, I was a right poser then, but the harsh reality of adulthood knocked that self confidence right out of me!  Like it does to lots of people, I suppose!  But since doing this blogging, vlogging malarkey, I've let go of caring what people think and taking myself a little less seriously - quite liberating really.  I think age may have something to do with it as well because since hitting my thirties and spitting out two funny little boys I've finally learnt to do what makes me happy and not worry what people think.

The photos from this shoot are so beautiful, the location, the clothes, the colours are right up my street and I'm so pleased to have been part of something so lush!  The whole magazine is gorgeous, including a piece on pattern and colour by one of my absolute most favourite new people in my life, Fritha, if you ever need inspiration to get more colour in your life, she's your girl!  My other wonderful friend, Sasha, also has a column in there too -she is a wealth of knowledge on all things green beauty, I'm always pestering her when I need to know about... well basically anything beauty!    Not surprisingly she is an amazing holistic and beauty therapist here in Bristol.  There might even be a cheeky bit from me too; about my family field and my job as a makeup artist!  The whole magazine is amazing, defo check it out, its stocked in Anthropologie as well as loads of independent stores but you can get it online too if you don't find it in real life! 

Photos: Nell Mallia
Makeup: Me using Jane Iredale 
Clothes: Ace & Jig
T-shirts: Lionheart
Masks: Animalesque
Featuring: Sasha, Sally, Hels, Tash and Me!

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