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Monday, 17 July 2017

This is something I was really looking forward to trying, a homemade natural body balm but with all the faff taken out.  All the ingredients in the right quantities delivered straight to your door by The Wild Mix.

The Wild Mix is all about natural, simple and effective skincare, which to me makes a lot of sense and I love the idea of making a ritual out of your skincare, both preparing it and using it.

The package included all the ingredients to make the Wild Gold Revitalising Body Balm; a big jar of coconut oil, some marigold oil, sweet almond oil, sea buckthorn co2 extract, pink grapefruit and some simple to follow instructions.  No fancy kit needed, just a bowl, some hot water and a spoon.  It was so easy to make, like SO EASY but I felt so proud of it haha.

I have been using the balm for a couple of weeks and first of all, THE SMELL , wow, I mean it just smells incredible. Which basically makes it a joy to use.  It sinks in really quickly which is great and I have been using it on dry areas of my body, my lips and even my face when I ran out of face oil AND moisturiser on the same bloody day.

I have been keeping it in my fridge while its warm and its been a lovely treat to open up the fridge and slap a bit on to a random deserving part of the body.

Other than a body balm it can be used on achey joints, dry lips and as a makeup remover.  I love the sound of the latter so will be giving this a go!

I made a video showing you how to make it and what it all looks like (it's so pretty to make!) below so check it out and let me know if you have tried any products from The Wild Mix.

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