Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

Monday, 15 May 2017

I think oils might be taking over my beauty regime (I say regime in the loosest possible sense), I can't live without one for my face and now its my go to type of product for styling or deep conditioning my hair.

Alchemy Oils are hair oil specialists creating completely natural, high quality hair oils and encourage following the age old Ayurvedic practice of hair oiling where you apply oils to the scalp to increase blood flow; stimulating hair growth and deep conditioning the scalp and hair to ultimately have stronger, shinier hair UUHHHH YES PLEASE.

I chose the Grapefruit Hair Remedy to help my extremely neglected hair, it has a blend of coconut, avocado, almond and castor oil which together promote growth, thicken hair and make it super shiny.  It also has grapefruit oil to fight dandruff (which I have had for the first time in my life after having Louis - BABIES!!) and keep the scalp healthy.  Go and have a read of how each product and individual oil works on their website, its actually so fascinating!

As somebody who has always had fine hair that goes greasy super quickly, applying oils to the scalp kind of scared me and went against everything I'd ever believed was right for my little greasy head.  After reading that apply oils to the scalp can actually reduce the amount of oil your scalp naturally produces it started to make complete sense (light bulb moment!), I've known for years not to strip my skin of its natural oils because that makes it over produce oil and therefore making my shiny face even shinier; if I use oil on my skin regularly if completely balances itself out and stops over producing.  So of course it would be the same for my scalp!

I have been using the oil as an over night treatment, all over my hair and scalp as well as on the ends after i have washed it, on both damp or dry hair and it works its DELIGHTFULLY SMELLING magic every time.  I couldn't recommend adding this type of product in to your hair care routine enough, as you get used to it, so many of your other products will fall by the way side and become completely unnecessary.

Another great thing about using oils is it goes hand in hand with a less wasteful, more simple, minimal lifestyle allowing you to use less layers of products and also less of the product itself.  I no longer bother with the anything else hair product wise and just reach for my trusty oil when I feel my hair needs it and as an added bonus they all come in beautiful glass bottles that could be used again or recycled!

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