Coffee Body Scrub!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Blimey, it has been aaaaages since I have even contemplated posting on my blog.  But while I have been neglecting it in true, new-mum-of-two style, I have been desperate to get on here and write about some of my latest favourite things!  Obviously there has been a large amount of barely managing to shower and living in my PJ's going on in this house, what with the arrival of little Louis (who is now nearly 10 weeks old, what thaaa?!  (You can 'meet' him in my latest video)) so my routine, if any, has been very minimal.  There are though, a few products that have been SO BLOODY LOVELY to use when I manage to get a moment to myself, that I just had to come on here and tell you about them.

Ages ago I received one of the Coffee Body Scrubs by Em & Nick's, so when I had a rare half an hour to myself the other day I jumped straight in the shower to try it out.  Cor, did my my bathroom smell delicious.  I was expecting to make a massive mess, although didn't really care as I'm a super messy person anyway and hey, this was my half an hour and I could cover the bathroom in coffee granules if I wanted.  As it happens, it was much less messy than I thought and after a shower down of the bath, all was sparkling clean again (yeh right, like my bathroom is ever sparkling clean these days).

Anyway, enough of my tired mother babbling-on-and-forgetting-where-I-am, lets talk about the body scrub.  The granules are, in brilliant 'zero waste' style, upcycled from their coffee business The Coffee Camper (the coffee is delicious by the way) and along with sea salt, rappadura sugar, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and grape oil these 100% natural and organic ingredients naturally scrub and moisturise the skin beautifully.   Honest, I wish I had the time to do this every morning, my skin felt LUSH.  Coffee is also rich in natural antioxidants so while leaving it wonderfully soft it is also doing it some good as well, yey for multitasking!

I can't wait to have another go on it quite frankly. Deliciousness.

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