Minimal Autumn Makeup with a Bold Lip

Friday, 16 September 2016

So it appears I am a terrible multi tasker!  While I have been neglecting this little chunk of internet I have been uploading weekly over in YouTube land.  It always seems to be one or the other... one day I'll have enough time on my hands (or organisation skills) to keep up with both!

Here is my latest video, minimal makeup with a lush Autumny coloured bold lip.  I have a few more new videos up on my channel too including some vegan and green beauty goodness and a baby clothes haul so go and check them out... UHH if you WANT to obviously and I'll be back on here very soon with a gorgeous pregnancy related review!


  1. Love this!!! I've literally just finished a video on cruelty free, vegan mascaras! But they are all natural ones....

    1. Oh we are so synchro! Cant wait to watch it! x