What's in my bathroom? (cruelty free)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I love trying out products as much as the next junkie but since going cruelty free and becoming more aware of zero waste, I have decidedly less floating around in my  bathroom and try to use something up before excitedly delving in the next deliciously smelling container.

By far my favourite thing in there at the moment is my Body Shop Piñata Colada shower gel, i liberally apply this every morning as I salivate and wish I could drink it!  If you haven't been in to check out the limited edition range yet and pineapples and coconuts are are up your alley then it's totally worth a sniff, I'm also using the Body Butter on my growing tummy and will be packing the Body Sorbet in to my holiday bag next week!

I have been raving about my Antipodes Grace Cleanser all over the place, you can read a slightly more in-depth review here.

I am sadly running very low on my Tabitha James Kraan conditioner, if you read my review a few months ago you will know t's a pretty special brand, read more about the range here.

I am loving the Miranda soap from Lush, its super fruity smelling and doesn't dry out my hands.  It has lasted me ages which is amazing but I kind of want another excuse to go back in there and pick another colourful smelly thing!

This might be TMI but I'm 31 years old and have only just bought my first nail brush, is that disgusting?  I have always had really short nails so they don't get grubby but recently, what with all the DIY in the new house I have actually needed to invest in one.  I love the simplicity that the body shop have always had with their accessories.

Lastly is my wonderful Brush with Bamboo toothbrush, when you need to replace it the bristles can be removed and the rest of the handle can be composted, how cool is that!  Its a lovely toothbrush to use, I would say the bristles are of medium softness so those who like a hard bristled brush would need to search for a specifically hard bristled bamboo toothbrush - they are out there!

*The Tabitha James Kraan conditioner was sent to me for review purposes and the Body Shop sorbet I talk of taking on holiday with me was also, all opinions are my own, as always!

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