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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

As soon as I got pregnant this time around I knew I wanted us to make a summer holiday the priority this year so we could have some unlimited Charlie bonding time and just appreciate the ease of being three.  In a few months we will be four and I know holidays will be a completely different ball game! We aren't massively routine people and still enjoy being able to go out for meals whenever possible, even with kid in tow.  We were lucky to get a couple of meals out when Charlie napped in the pushchair but I'm sure when baby number 2 comes along this won't be quite as simple to coordinate!

After a bit of research we settled on Kefalonia, a beautiful Greek island, as our holiday destination.  I had no idea what to expect but with a reasonably priced and gorgeous Air bnb villa and promises of perfect beaches I was pretty excited.  We wanted a mix of adult and kid friendly, the idea of typically kid friendly places sort of make me want to run a mile, I still want my quiet, picturesque grown up meals but in places that are more than happy to cater for children.  I thought this may have been an unrealistic expectation but (luckily) I have to say this beautiful little island fits the bill perfectly!

We stayed in a village a few kilometres from Sami which is a beautiful little port with places to eat dotted all along the water and one of my favourite places on the island.  We were also close to Antisamos Beach, which with a kid is fantastic, its still absolute paradise but with sun beds to hire and a couple of bars for food and drink without the millions of tourists to ruin the view (although this could have been because we went just before the busy season).  To eat in Sami I highly recommend Mermaids or Il Familia, both along the water front with gorgeous views, amazing food and lovely friendly service.

We made the trip out to Mrytos Beach one morning and I think this is the closest I have come to being in actual paradise - clear blue sea, perfect smooth white pebbles, amazing mountainous scenery and only a few other sunbathers there with us on a long stretch of beach.  Absolutely amazing, but if you go, take supplies as there aren't any bars or cafes for miles - probably what makes it so lovely!

Another of our favourite places on the island was Assos, a beautiful little fishing village with stunning scenery, a lovely little beach and amazing places to eat.  It had a slightly different feel to every where else we had seen with so many beautiful colourful flowers everywhere and little shady spots to sit and eat ice cream!

One of the days was forecast to be stormy so we thought we would brave the island's crazy mountain roads and check out some of the scenery from the comfort of the car.  We drove across to Argostoli, expecting a little town with some shops and places to eat as everywhere else on the island seemed so quite.  When we got there is was a crazy busy city with traffic, car horns beeping, loads of people and not the best for a calming atmosphere so we drove straight back out again haha.  I couldn't believe the Kefalonia we had seen so far on our trip had somewhere that busy and bustling!  We headed up the island to Lixouri another town but slightly smaller, we had some lunch some where that actually had a vegan menu but to be honest we weren't digging the vibe here either so after a little stroll we jumped back in the car and headed back to our lovely quiet, serene side of the island!

I love travelling around places but it does mean you can get those off days in places that aren't quite right for what you are looking for, not impossible with a three year old in tow but not ideal, especially when I am dragging around my 21 week pregnant belly (I'm not one of those light-on-her-feet preggo's as my pelvis and hips start behaving like they're that of an 85 year old) and dying in the heat!

I would highly recommend Kefalonia to anyone wanting a calm and serene holiday with beautiful scenery, perfect beaches and delicious food.  I'm not sure how it fares for the party goers but for couples, families and people after some R&R its is actual heaven.  If you would like to see more photos from our trip, check out my Instagram!

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