DIY Micellar Water

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I have been wanting to try this DIY micellar water for months after realising that the one I had used for years wasn't cruelty free.  I did want to make a video about it but being tired and pregnant, a video is apparently too much like hard work at the moment so I have popped it on here so you can try it out too!  

I have searched the internet for recipes and I am using the simplest one I could find so I can start with minimal costs and packaging.  The ingredients have all been packaged in recyclable bottles, three of the lids cannot be recycled but this is the kind of container I like to keep for travelling (once they are empty) as they are all under 100 ml.  They will all make several batches of micellar water before I need to reuse them too.  I purchased a 150 ml brown glass bottle to store it in and will  keep using this bottle for refilling with my homemade micellar water!

All the ingredients were easy to find, to be more zero waste about it all I could have bought the castor oil and vitamin E from a pharmacy instead of from Amazon to save on packaging (they were packaged in a recyclable cardboard box though) but again the tired pregnant excuse comes in to play!

90ml Organic Rose Water - Amphora (£6.95 for 200ml)
3ml Castor Oil - Amazon (£1.99 for 100ml)
20 drops Vitamin E - Amazon (£3.99 for 60ml) 
5ml Rosehip Oil - Amphora (10.80 for 100ml)
A glass container to store it in.

All I did was measure all the ingredients out in to a glass, in no particular order, gave it a stir and decanted in to my glass bottle!

Directions for use:
Give it a shake and use on a cotton pad or better still a reusable cotton pad to remove make up and impurities from the skin.

I was worried it might feel greasy on the skin but it feels just like a normal micellar water, leaving the skin feeling clean but a little more hydrated than usual.  The smell is pretty pleasant due to it being mostly rose water but there is a bit of a funny edge to it, I am pretty fussy with smells at the moment though and I think a couple of drops of an essential oil would help remedy that.  It removed my makeup brilliantly and even removed my mascara with total ease - absolute winner!

Apparently vitamin E is great at fighting ageing and repairing the skin while roseship oil hydrates, repairs and tones the skin so this little recipe has some fantastic skincare benefits too.

The total cost of ingredients was £23.73 and for this you can make two batches of micellar water, the only thing you would need to repurchase to make more batches is the rose water.  Everything else will make you loads more batches so I think cost wise it works out really well as well as being really environmentally friendly! 

Do you make any of your own beauty products and if so what are your favourites?


  1. This sounds great I've never made my own cosmetics so have just ordered the ingredients to give this a go! I read a post where you mentioned you had perfected your skincare routine and I would love to hear about it as I really struggle with my skincare! Nicola

  2. how long it will last on the shelf?