The Tiba + Marl Mini Raf Changing Bag

Monday, 9 May 2016

I've stalked Tiba + Marl on Instagram ever since I came across a picture of their Elwood back pack and thought it was the coolest changing bag I had ever seen.  When a bit of further digging revealed they used vegan leather, it was fate that this should be my next changing bag, should I ever need one.  I wasn't pregnant at the time but now I am, it's the first 'baby' item I have bought.  At 15 weeks pregnant, some might say it's a little early to be buying the changing bag already but with a  three year old who still needs the odd change of clothes and lots of snacks it was the perfect excuse, plus it was also perfect timing to purchase their brand new Mini Raf Holdall!

When I was pregnant with Charlie I was quite excited about the idea of buying a changing bag, but the only ones I ever found that I liked, cost around £200 and as much as they were nice bags, they weren't £200 nice, rather the best of a bad bunch.  I always just used any random bag I had to stick the nappies in and as much as that was fine, I always felt very unorganised and like I didn't know where anything was!  I like the fact that I now have lots of pockets and organised spaces to put everything in my bag now, perhaps I'll be one of those organised mothers for once...ok maybe not but it's a token effort!

I was really intrigued to see the quality of the vegan leather and the bag in general, at £115 it's mid range for a changing bag and while it's not cheap it's a decent price for a bag if it's going to last me a while.  I'm really pleased with the quality, it's strong and seems really durable.  I like the fact that the leather is matte and not shiny like some fake leathers can be, although the under side of the bag is made with a slightly cheaper looking leather, which doesn't massively matter as you can't see it but i wonder if it will live through being dumped on the floor a few hundred times.  Time will tell! 

It comes with a changing mat and separate little bag for your grown up things as well as loads of pockets and an insulated bottle holder.  The material inside is wipe clean which has already proved useful and as much as this bag is called the 'Mini Raf' it is pretty huge and will definitely carry everything I could need for a new born and a three year old.

Thanks to my lovely pal, Emily from Mermaid Gossip for snapping me with my beloved new addition!

Jacket - old ASOS
Leggings - ASOS Maternity
Trainers - Nike

*No affiliate links were used and I purchased the bag myself.

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