Custom Made Flower Crowns by Crown & Glory

Friday, 13 May 2016

Choosing my favourite flowers to have someone expertly make them in a beautiful flower crown for me is what my actual dreams are made of so as you can imagine when #Blogclub got me and some of my blogging pals together to do just that last night, I was in heaven!  Crown and Glory have a pop up shop in House of Fraser in Cabot Circus this weekend where you can go and have a go at customising your own flower crown too, honestly get down there - sooooo much fun!

If you read the post about my wedding, you will know I made my own real flower crown for the day, I loved wearing it so much so I'm really excited to have a version that will last me forever that I can stick on when ever I'm feeling extra summery and boho.  It's beautiful quality and was amazing watching it get made by the amazingly talented Sophie!

Head over to my Instagram to see me in my flower crown last night!

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