Baby Number 2!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Finally, I can feel the fog of early pregnancy starting to clear and waking up in the morning isn't a constant battle with the smells around me and my non-stop sickness (moan moan).  Phew.  I'm now 13.5 weeks (the .5 is very important, you know) pregnant and even though the last 8 weeks of haziness have seemed to last a life time, I can't quite believe I'm already in the second trimester!  A second baby has always been something I knew I wanted but after a tiring pregnancy with Charlie and a very difficult first few months with him (thanks reflux) it's something I've definitely felt apprehensive about.  Having said that, I am extremely grateful to have been able to get pregnant again and can't wait for Charlie to have a little sibling!

I didn't document my pregnancy with Charlie, in fact it's when I became rather rubbish with my old blog and gave it up, so I'd like to do the opposite this time as I wish I had old pregnancy posts and pictures to look back on.  Pregnancy happened much more gracefully back then, being a stone and half lighter, having loads of time for maternity shopping and always wearing a full face of makeup.  This time has been a bit different to say the least, mainly consisting of dirty hair, no makeup and frumpy clothes but lets put that down to the ridiculousness that is non stop sickness for 2 months - onwards and upwards!

I'm looking forward to posting updates every month or trimester, what ever feels least obnoxious (I don't want to bore the non pregnant amongst you with my pregnancy waffling).  I like an honest conversation about these things, so knowing me, it won't be too fluffy and possibly a bit TMI in places - apologies in advance for that!

As you can probably tell, the first trimester has been a challenge, made a little harder by having a three year old this time around, although I am extremely lucky to have lots of family near by to help and my mum has basically been a lifesaver.  Ben has also (begrudgingly) been a house-husband-hero and cooked all the meals and cleaned the house everyday, around probably the busiest work schedule he has ever had.  Charlie has been surprisingly interested in the baby and very sweet about the whole thing, being very forgiving when I need a lie down instead of playing monster trucks!  I'm not expecting it to last but I'm appreciating it while it does.

Other than sickness the biggest challenge (and biggest surprise) has been how tough it can be to stick to a new way of eating when all you crave is nostalgic, comforting flavours and textures.  Before getting pregnant I had eaten a vegan diet, without any difficulty, for 6 months.  Being vegan was a lifestyle change and one I took very seriously, mainly for ethical but also environmental reasons.  I'm talking in past tense as if I'm not vegan any more which certainly isn't the case or how I see it anyway, but the last few weeks have been terrible, vegan wise!  Im only talking about this on here to be completely honest and  incase any other vegan women who get pregnant have the same issues.  As I feel better, my diet is slowly returning to the way it was but after feeling terribly guilty at the beginning and basically just living off fruit, I decided to go easy on myself, make the best choices I could and most importantly, get as many nutrients inside me as I could.  I was actually really looking forward to having a vegan pregnancy so my aim going in to the next trimester is to have just that.

I have an ASOS maternity haul coming up on my youtube channel soon so look out for that as well as some new cruelty free skincare and makeup discoveries!


  1. Can't wait to read more Lucy, def keep up with the blogging this pregnancy round. Glad your sickness has gone. ;)

    1. Thank you lovely lady!! I will keep it up for bump number two i promise! x