Organic Haircare Routine | Tabitha James Kraan

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

I'm always trying to find the perfect hair care routine to boost my fine, lifeless hair and although I have come fairly close in the past, I am shaking it up completely with my new bid to go cruelty free, vegan and head towards a zero waste lifestyle.

I came across the Tabitha James Kraan organic hair salon in the Cotswolds whilst searching for my nearest stockist of RMS Beauty products (a cruelty free and completely recyclable makeup range with an emphasis on minimalism).  Little did I know that the salon actually stock their very own range of organic hair care, I have been using the products for a few weeks now and I can joyfully say I absolutely love them.  The brand wins double points with me because the products are completely vegan, cruelty free and the packaging is also completely recyclable - how cool is that!

The Amber Rose Hair Cleanser is described as an alternative to shampoo and it actually does feel like a slightly different product to use.  It doesn't contain SLS, a known skin irritant and something I react to particularly badly when I'm pregnant but it does mean you don't get the lather that we have become so accustomed to.  I have found the best way to use it is to distribute it evenly over both of your hands and apply to soaking wet hair.  After the first time using it, I was unsure whether my hair would feel squeaky clean, not only did it feel cleaner than it had in ages, it also lasted a good three days before it needed another wash - very good going for my hair.

The Amber Rose 4-in-1 Conditioner is designed to be used after cleansing the hair but also as a scalp treatment, a leave in conditioner and a styling product too.  What I especially love about it, is that your hair completely soaks up the product, leaving you with little to rinse off but super a clean feeling, it really feels like a treatment.

I have been using the Scented Hair Oil before blow drying which makes my usually dry ends feel super smooth, plus like all the other products it smells incredible.  I feel like I have just walked out of a luxe, organic spa treatment every time I wash and dry my hair and make sure to waft my hair around as much as possible!

The Hair Perfume is a real luxury product but smells so beautiful, it's been replacing my usual perfume on the days I wear it.  The uplifting neroli,bergamot and soothing lavender make your hair smell delicious while the addition of white tea and nettle help to enhance colour and texture - that is one clever little product and a perfect one for the handbag.

I am a big fan of dry shampoo, even on clean hair days as I like the texture it adds, this one of course smells amazing but what I really like is how much it soaks up the oils and leaves no residue or stickiness.  I have tried a few different ways of using its sprinkle application but my favourite way is to get some in my hands, rub them together and ruffle it through.  I have complete control of where it goes and it's also extremely quick to do.

The Tabitha James Kraan range couldn't get any more thumbs up from me, I literally can't fault it (and that doesn't happen very often).  If you are in the market for something completely natural but seriously effective then I highly recommend trying it.  They have a lovely video on their site where Tabitha explains why and how she makes the products, it made me really envious of her job for sure but also even more fascinated by the possibilities of natural, eco friendly products.


  1. Great review and I love these products too!

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