It's all about the yellow shoes

Friday, 12 February 2016

'Every women should own a pair of yellow shoes, they unexpectedly go with everything.'
-Caitlin Moran

When Rainbow Club asked me if I'd like to design myself a pair of their custom shoes, I jumped at the chance - I've always wanted a pair of mustard yellow heels and now was my chance to get the perfect shade on the perfect style of shoe.

Now I'm not your typical slim Sandra (especially since being vegan and remembering that bread is in fact my best worst friend) but I probably am your average Angela, so here goes - a jump out of my comfort zone for a rare outfit post!  It was actually quite fun and while I internally laughed at myself, my bro in-law, Ben Adams, founder of Bristol Art Collective, snapped some beautiful pictures for me, clever lad.  I'm not a dresser-upper but I love adding a dressy accessory or pair of shoes to jazz up an outfit for a date night or evening out with the guuurls.

I would recommend Rainbow Club to someone getting married who wants shoes that are personalised and a little different,  I went for bare feet and an anklet on my wedding day so I understand the desire for something that feels comfortable and in keeping with your style.  It's a really fun process; picking the style, colour and accessory! 

Outfit details:
Mac - GAP (same one)
Top - Anthropologie (similar)
Jeans - ASOS (similar
Shoes - Rainbow Club
Necklace - Etsy (same one)

Photographer - Ben Adams

*This is not a sponsored post but I was sent the shoes for review purposes, all opinions are always my own and 100% honest.  No affiliate links included, I'm just being helpful y'all.


  1. Yellow shoes have never appealed to me but having seen these shoes...I think you've just about changed my mind!! ;) x

    1. For some reason I have always wanted some! The Caitlin Moran quote kind of sums it up! x

  2. They're gorgeous! Definitely a statement piece and finish off your outfit perfectly.

  3. Typing on my phone and just seen all the typos!! Ekkkk I really should check before sending x

  4. Love them.I had a pair of yellow Faith shoes which my BF threw away a few months ago?! why? These look great. It's very liberating wearing yellow shoes xx

    1. Oh no!! Thats disgraceful BF behaviour haha. Yes I know what you mean about liberating! x