Yey for new a blog header!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

This post is dedicated to celebrating my beautiful new blog header, made by the extremely talented Sarah Cooper, I am very lucky that one of my besties is in fact an incredible illustrator.  Sarah is also a television hair and makeup artist, we met on set at The Alan Titchmarsh Show nearly 5 years ago and have been pretty much joined at the hip, at work and in our social lives ever since.  Lucky for me I have benefitted from her talents as a hair and makeup artist as well as an illustrator, don't worry, I will continue to milk her talents for as long as I can!  Check out her hashtag on Instagram #sarahnerinedraws where you can see makeup related posts as well as her illustrations, say hello from me!  Her details are available if you need them.

You may have also noticed that the site has become, I feel like a grown up in the world of blogging!  What with all these jazzy changes, a new computer and a child who starts nursery soon I feel like I can finally start putting a little more time in to blogging.  Whoops all round!

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