A Massage at The R&R Experience in Bristol

Thursday, 15 October 2015

This week I was lucky enough to have a wonderful massage by Ruth Chona at R&R Experience in Bristol.  It has to be said, I could review massages all day every day, especially if they were by Ruth!  Ruth has only been set up in business with her husband, Roland for 3 months, they have a small salon on Filton Road just at the very top of Gloucester Road in Bristol.  Ruth, originally from South America, trained in France and having worked in luxury salons in Paris is now putting everything in to her own business, even having put up walls and painted them herself!

I was treated to a 30 minute massage, bespoke to my needs depending on what niggles I had, a new approach for me and one I liked.  I always suffer with tension in my neck and shoulders and sometimes lower back pain, so Ruth knew to concentrate on those areas for me.  It also included some arm, hand and face work too which was so amazing!  She started off by offering me three different oils to smell, geranium, orange and lavender if I remember correctly, I went with lavender because I am obsessed with lavender, obsessed I tell you.

I have to say this is one of the best massages I have had in years, I have paid a fortune before but the great thing about R&R Experience is that it's really affordable.  30 minutes sets you back just £25 and 60 minutes is £45.  Excellent value for the quality of Ruth's massage, the salon still needs some work but overall its a very pleasant place to be, the heated bed was amazing and the room is lit perfectly with a really calming feel.  At the end of the massage Ruth placed a hot towel on my back which I have never had before and it felt so good!

If you live in Bristol and are in need of a massage without breaking the bank, Ruth's your girl.


  1. That sounds lovely! What a nice studio, too.

    I used to regularly have back massages when I worked in an office and drove long distances for meetings - it was my fortnightly treat! I miss them - especially when you do get those niggles of pain in the shoulders! They're so lovely and relaxing - I agree with you about relaxing scents like lavender, too - they make the experience even better!

    Faith x

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