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Sunday, 25 October 2015

On a recent trip to Lisbon (amazing city, you should go) with some of my favourite pals, I was pretty god damn excited to see a Sephora near to where we were staying!  Of course, I ran in and spent far too long in there making decisions while all my friends got bored and left.  I didn't have a fortune to spend so I wanted to make sure I made the right choice.  I'm not sure I did in the end as I bought one item that I could have got in the UK and I'm still dreaming about one of their Sephora blushers that I decided not to get but never mind, theres always next time!

I decided to purchase the Marc Jacobs Brow Defining Pencil and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I'd obviously heard lots about Shadow Insurance and was basically just desperate to try it, that was enough reason for me!  It definitely enhances the pigment of my eyeshadows and I didn't experience any creasing on our nights out on the humid and rainy Lisbon tiles!  The Brow Pencil is basically exactly the same as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, which is great because that was my fave brow product before now and I had run out of it, its best feature is the teeny nib, making it easy peasy to fill in your brows precisely.

I'm very happy with my purchases but I can never shake the feeling I am missing out on something amazing every time I leave a Sephora.  Can anyone recommend any must haves from european Sephoras?  I never know what to get when I go in there, I think the adrenaline gives me mind blank... 

On another recent shopping trip, I picked up some brilliant Kiss lashes from Superdrug.  Essentially they are individual lashes but bunched up in to sets of three, they are really dense and not too long so look really natural while giving great volume.  Better than the expensive Shu Uemura version in my opinion.  Its actually the first time I have worn false lashes in the day and it was quicker and more effective than faffing around with eyeshadow and liner while remaining natural.  

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