Baby Bank Network's #teddytenner campaign

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Todays post is something a little different - one of my wonderful antenatal buddies Charlotte, volunteers for a new Bristol based Charity called Baby Bank Network, they are an organisation who are doing an amazing job of providing essential baby items to expectant or postnatal mothers who can't otherwise afford them.

The Baby Bank Network was set up in June this year by a team of Bristol Volunteers including the founder of Born on Gloucester Road.  This is a cause any parent or any person for that matter, can understand the importance of.  For those parents who aren't able to afford the basics and absolutely essential items needed when a baby arrives, it must be a pretty scary first few nights/weeks with a new small person to look after.  Full of crazy hormones and emotions, fear, worry and the biggest protective feeling anyone will ever know, it seems only fair that every new mother and father have the basics to make bringing a new baby in to the world that little bit easier.  

Baby Bank Network are taking part in Local Giving's Grow Your Tenner campaign, where they match donations pound for pound up to £10, they have a total of £250,000 to give away to many local charities, the money is running out quickly but with money needed for a new premises to store the growing number of donated items as well as things like toiletries and new mattresses for cots, Baby Bank Network need as much as we can give.

Use the hashtag #teddytenner on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and post a photo of your child's (or yours!) favourite toy with a tenner to show your support and nominate others to do the same and donate.

If you would like to, you can donate between £2 and £10 via Local Giving, just visit the Baby Bank Network donation page.  It's such a small amount of money but such a massive gesture to families in need.

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