Bristol Fashion Week A/W 2015

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Phew!  The last couple of weeks have been rather mental, what with putting our house on the market, planning a girls holiday to Lisbon, and a toddler who doesn't nap any more I have had no time for something as peaceful as blogging!  I'm happy to say that my cheeky rascal is finally starting nursery in November which will give me lots of time for this lovely space of the internet to be updated regularly.  Any parent with a nearly three year old who is about to start nursery will be feeling my pure joy!

So to chuck me back in, tomorrow sees the start of Bristol Fashion Week A/W 2015.  I will be heading down to Thursdays show at 6pm but there are lots of different shows to see between the 30th - 4th October.  This year it's presented by BFW regular, Mark Heyes and joining him is Denise Van Outen, I haven't managed to get to a BFW since S/S 2014 so I am very excited to get some much needed outfit inspiration and see some of my blogging pals!

Who's heading down to Bristol Fashion Week this season and also who has some tips for what to do in Lisbon?  You can tweet me @ohhelloface.

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  1. Three?? Wow, the time flies, my niece and nephew are now 6 and 5. Have a lovely time in Lisbon. (sorry no tips) ;))