Whats in my Festival / Camping wash bag?

Thursday, 13 August 2015

We haven't been to a festival since before we had Charlie (maaaaan, its been way too long) but we have been on a family camping trip this summer and we are going again with friends at the end of August, I love getting a bit grubby and not wearing much makeup but I do like to keep up with my skincare routine and have all the necessities with me.  In this post I will show you everything I take with me, to me, this is bare minimum and I was quite impressed with how light I managed to pack but I understand this might be a lot to some people!

So the obvious things to pack are dry shampoo, I like the COLAB ones as they are invisible and don't leave your hair feeling as chalky as the Batiste ones and also the faithful, shower in a can, deodorant, any will do!  I also packed the Natural Spa Factory Fig and Vanilla body wash as the samples they sent me came in these handy little packets and blimey, does it smell beautiful!  

I know lots of people take wipes to festivals and on camping trips but they are so horrid I just can't bring myself to do that!  The much more civilised option is a bottle of bioderma and some cotton pads, you can decant in to a travel bottle of you are short on space and it leaves your skin feeling so much cleaner than wipes! 

The Natural Spa Factory Illuminating Gel Cleanser is lovely and I have one of those in a handy travel packet too, so in it went.  My usual skincare of Effeclar Duo +, new addition - Hylamide, and both my Origins eye creams, Plantscriptions and No puffery is all a must have, I can't bare letting my skin suffer just because I'm not in my cosy four walls.  No puffery is perfect for the morning after sleeping in a tent, especially if you have had a few drinks the night before as its cool roller ball feels amazing and refreshing under tired eyes.

Origins super spot remover is good to take in case you feel a breakout happening, if you can't be bothered to keep the whole skincare routine going while you are 'tenting it' then this is really great to keep away any blemishes that are threatening to pop up.  

8 hour cream by Elizabeth Arden is great to just have on you all the time, its great for soothing and protecting dry lips, burnt skin, stinging nettle stings or mosquito bites.  I even put it on Charlie's bum when he had nappy rash and we didn't have his usual cream and it worked a treat!

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is an added treat but so good for a puffy tent face on a hang over!

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  1. Love the tips. Will take this on board when packing my hospital bag for going into Labour. Nice to have an alternative the wet wipes too!