Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll On for Puffy Eyes

Monday, 24 August 2015

If you follow my blog, you probably know I LOVE Origins, I have a lot of their products and always find they work brilliantly.  Their No Puffery Cooling Roll On for Puffy Eyes is more of a luxury-extra in my opinion, I love using it every morning but its probably not the most effective eye cream.  I usually keep it in the fridge but even if I don't, the roller ball stays cool.  It has yeast extract and a type of mushroom extract to help de-puff, brighten and calm any redness.  Its SO refreshing, I could roll it under my eyes for hours, especially when I'm particularly tired (all the time) or hung over (not all the time!).  You squeeze the product through, before you roll, so you can keep rolling it on for as long as you like and you don't end up with too much product on your face.  I roll it along the orbital bone from the bridge of my nose to the edge of my cheek bone to try and drain any puffiness thats there and then I just tap it in gently.  Im not sure how much it does for my under eyes but its so lovely to use.  I use an anti-ageing eye cream in the evening to help out with the fine lines, I wrote about my night time skincare routine here

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