Disappointing products

Friday, 28 August 2015

I hate to be a Debbie Downer but sometimes, products can be a bit of a disappointment, or perhaps not quite what you'd hoped for.  Heres my latest 'thumbs down' list.

I want to start off with Charlotte Tilbury's Full Fat Lashes mascara because it's actually a really good mascara in terms of volume, length, application and consistency BUT it drops down and smudges under my eyes like I've been doing hot yoga in it.  Not a good look.  I want this exact mascara but in waterproof pleeeeeease!

For similar reasons, Eyeko's Skinny Liner is on the list, it doesn't stick around for long on my eyes and actually isn't that easy to use, I'll have to try the waterproof version!

The Real Techniques eyeliner brush has a silicone nib, which at first I thought was rather genius, until I used it, that is.  Gel liner dries really quickly on the silicone and there is no glide to it.  It makes it very difficult to get a smooth line and as you need to add more liner to the brush so frequently, it builds up and gets lumpy with product.  The only bad brush I have seen Real Techniques do, to be fair!

The worst of the lot by far, is Superdrug's Makeup Brush Cleanser, its just as effective as spraying on water and dries so quickly that you can't clean the brush in time. Don't bother.

What have been your most disappointing products recently?

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