Summer Saviours

Monday, 13 July 2015

These three have been making my summer makeup routine quick, easy and reliably long lasting.  All of them you can see in action in my last youtube video!  

The EE Creme by Estee Lauder adds a lovely glow to the skin, is extremely light weight and sheer, while giving the appearance of more coverage.  It really sinks in to the skin rather than sitting on top and feeling greasy, which makes it perfect for hot summer days.  It also has SPF 30, so be wary of flash photography, its great for every day but possibly not for an event like a wedding where photos will be taken with a flash.

I have been on the search for a mascara that doesn't run but is also comfortable to wear, doesn't make the lashes feel hard or crispy and isn't ridiculous to remove.  I have definitely found a front runner in the Chanel volumising waterproof mascara, its really thickening, its lengthening and my lashes still feel soft when is has dried.  It scores about 9 out of 10 for not running, I still get a tiny bit under my eyes around mid afternoon if its a super sweaty day but other than that it performs perfectly.  I am one of those people that every mascara seems  to run on, so I am pretty impressed with this one.  Its really black and removes easily with a micellar water, I soak two cotton pads and hold them on my lashes for a few seconds and then wipe it away.  No sore eyes or loss of lashes afterwards, which is always nice!

I recently went to the South of France for my honeymoon and was thrilled to find a Sephora in the local city!  I was interested to try the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes liners so I purchased this beautiful bronzey brown, really easy to apply, great for bringing out blue eyes and is really long lasting.  I wish I'd picked up a few more!  I think this shade is 10L?  Strange shade name.

I love these types of products all year round but especially in the hot weather we have been having, can you recommend any of your summer makeup saviours? 

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