Mega Anthropologie Unity Candle

Thursday, 9 July 2015

At the end of our wedding ceremony we lit a unity candle, for those who don't know what one is, its basically a candle you light, to symbolise the beginning of your married life together and then light it every year on your anniversary.  It was nice to have something symbolic and personal for our blessing and I love it so much as an object, that I can display it all year round. 

I'm pretty obsessed with candles, and have been ever since discovering Diptique candles about 7 years ago when I worked in Space NK.  Buying a candle that we are going to keep forever was the perfect excuse to spend a bit more money and buy the kind of candle I would usually, only lust after.  I can't normally justify spending more that £40 on a candle and even thats a treat!  I am also extremely obsessed with Anthropologie, so when I saw this monster of a candle I knew it was perfect for our big day and blended with the theme really well.  A slightly whopping price tag of £78 was a bit scary but it smells and looks amazing and we will treasure it forever!

All the candles in Anthropologie are so beautiful and real decoration pieces, I highly recommend them if you are a fellow candle freak.

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