July Favourites

Thursday, 30 July 2015

July has been, somewhat, miserable in the weather department but it has also symbolised something a lot sunnier, the beginning of my life as a married woman (haha, if was having to say that out loud, I wouldn't be saying it with a straight face or a serious tone,  I promise.  Its important you know that!) and whats been great is being able to concentrate our funds in to housey things and doing up the garden.  Quite lovely and rather grown up feeling, I have to say.  The house will be an on going project but its so much fun making Pinterest boards and collecting images out of home magazines.  The spare room in slowly but surely turning in to our office and one of the walls is quickly being filled with inspiration pictures, its fair to say I'm in my element when doing that!

Of course, I have loved a few makeup bits this months too, when were on our honeymoon last month I picked up some Bioderma and its been great having it back in my life, after having tried a few other micellar waters, it confirms to me that Bioderma is the original and the best.

I purchased a couple of Armani, Luminous Silk Foundations for my kit a few weeks ago and I'd forgotten what a lovely foundation it is, its a great one for the kit and perfect for flash photography as it doesn't have any SPF.  It features in one of my videos soon!

Im always feeling the Charlotte Tilbury love and this month I have worn my First Love Blusher pretty much everyday, its such an easy shade to wear and just adds a bit of glow and colour to the cheeks without adding too much obvious colour.  The Sexy Sienna lipstick has been a favourite of one of my brides, it does the same as the cheek colour, giving a non obvious, subtle colour that manages to brighten up the face.

I can't sing the praises of the Chanel Volumising Waterproof mascara enough, I have blabbed on about it before but its really volumising without being clumpy, doesn't budge when its on and still manages to come off easily.  Perfect!

What have been your July favourites?

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