Child friendly honeymooning in the South of France

Friday, 17 July 2015

Narbonne Beach, windy as hell when we went!
Getting slapped in the ankles by sand.  Lethal.
Tea time outside our lovely gite.
Inhaling strawberries at the beach in Collioure.


Amazing food in Collioure while the toddler napped in the pushchair.  Score!

Narbonne town.

Child friendly honeymooning probably isn't the most popular choice of honeymoon, but thats what we opted for after our wedding last month, we jetted off to Toulouse with Charlie, our two and a half year old.  Don't worry there is a child free version happening in a few months!  

Our final destination was an hour and a half drive away from Toulouse, Ferrals Les Corbierres, 30 minutes from, the beautiful, Carcassonne.  The travelling was surprisingly stress free with Charlie, our biggest saviours were his new Trunki,  some Playmobile and lots of snacks!  Oh and milk of course, he can't go more than few hours without some milk.  

One of the highlights was the beautiful gite we stayed in, Maison De La Roche, I highly recommend it to people with children or without children.  Swimming pool, garden, lots of toys, beautiful huge apartments, a lovely owner and bloody loads to do in the local and not so local areas.  I wish we could have done the wine tasting!  

We also loved Carcassonne, an old town inside the grounds of a castle and Collioure, a pretty little town with a lovely beach and loads of amazing restaurants!

Honeymooning with a toddler was actually lovely... as long as we did what he wanted to do!

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  1. Hello, I only found your blog the other day and absolutely loved this post. My parents used to take our family to the south of France every summer when we were kids, so this brought back loads of memories for me. I remember it being so ridiculously windy in Narbonne that we only stayed one night. We were in a caravan - it felt like we were going to blow away and nobody got any sleep because it was so noisy! I'd love to road trip around France visiting all the places I remember, its such a beautiful country. Congratulations on your wedding by the way and I hope to see a post of your child free honeymoon too (: