Going Ginger!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Going ginger has been an ambition of mine for quite some time, we are talking back to my second year in uni when that peachy, pinky ginger was being seen all over East London.  I didn't feel quite 'cool' enough to pull it off at the time so instead, I opted for all over bleach blonde which I can safely say wasn't the best idea when I had to have it all chopped off because it was so damaged.  Ah well, we live and learn!  So now its past its 'cool' days and all tones of red and ginger are commonly lusted after, I decided to take the plunge.  Three months before my wedding, I was obviously feeling brave!  I went for a balayage effect as the upkeep is easier and I prefer the rooty look.  My choice of salon was Betties and Baldwins located on Small Street in Bristol as they are known for their brave colouring and daring clients.  Their Instagram feed is a great representation of what they do, my stylist was Erin, who is a very clever lady and I highly recommend her.  

My tips for going ginge (or having any kind of drastic colour change) are;

1. Get on Pinterest and Instagram, make boards or take screen shots of what you like, then revisit them a week later and do the same, often you will adjust what you like after having time to think about it.

2. Think about your skin tone and eye colour, a hair colour that looks great on an olive skinned, brown eyed girl may not work so well if you are pale and blue eyed.

3. Once you have established what colour you would like to be, think about tones, for example do you like copper toned reds or golden toned reds?

4. Think carefully about your terminology, and discuss this with your stylist at your consultation to make sure you have it right and are on the same page.  What you think is a golden tone might actually not be (yes, this happened to me, whoops lesson learnt)!

5. If you know someone with a hair colour you like, grab them (gently and with consent) and put their hair next to your face to get a very real idea of what is going to suit your skin tone.  Equally, wigs, I was lucky to have a whole makeup room full of them to try but I know most people won't so failing that, try holding up a picture next to your face in the mirror and you will get a bit of an idea as to whether it will suit you or not.

6. After your have been transformed, go home, look in the mirror and adjust your makeup accordingly.  What worked when you were a brunette may not be as flattering any more, this is when Pinterest comes in handy again!

The photos above were actually taken quite a few weeks ago now but the ginger has lasted well and it still looks great as it fades.  I really love being ginger, and as much as I may go a little more blonde for the wedding, I will go straight back to experimenting with slightly different red tones again!

Have you ever dyed your hair a drastically different colour?


  1. Lucy! This is such a great post..thanks for the shout out and I'm glad you're still loving the ginger!
    Erin xx

    1. Hey Erin! Thanks, I'll be in to see you again soon! Xx