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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Its been a while since I have posted on here and its no coincidence that the last time I did, was just after I started back at work (on the current series of Deal or No Deal).  Working three days a week, having a two year old, planning a wedding AND writing a blog, is apparently, too much for me to handle!

Recently, I have just started looking at wedding dresses for my wedding in June this year.  "JUST STARTED LOOKING??!" I hear you cry, yes yes I know, any normal, excited dedicated bride-to-be would have had this sorted a year ago.  But alas, I'm just one of those girls that has never really been in to the idea of marriage, or a wedding day and have always felt slightly embarrassed or feminist or disconnected or  just something about the whole idea.  So anyway, here I am, planning a wedding, EXCITED but unorganised.

When a friend introduced me to BHLDN, a bridal off shoot to Anthropologie, one of my absolute favourite shops, my excitement for finding a dress escalated to almost normal bride levels and I have been spending a lot of time on the website!  Annoyingly its all based in America but they apparently stock a few of the dresses in Anthropologie on the Kings Rd in London.  As I'm working in London in a week, it would be rude not to pop in!  Im pretty sure its all still a little but too bride-ish for me but the above four, are my favourite BHLDN picks so far.  

Ranging in price (converted from dollars) from; top left, the Tiered Petal dress £291.49, top right, the Beilin Gown £2150.56, bottom left, the Fleur dress £161.94 and bottom right, the Juliette dress £178.13 there is something for every budget if you search through the reception dresses and bridal party dresses.

Let me know if you have any non bridey wedding dress recommendations!

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