My Wintery Nail Picks

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

After a summer of wearing brights and pastely-whites on my nails, I'm pleased I can finally look to the deeper shades in my collection again, it just doesn't feel right to wear a plum or a dark blue in the sunnier months!  Above are my current favourite colours for Autumn/Winter, please excuse the slightly rushed job as I painted away while Charlie ate his breakfast!

One of my favourite nail polishes ever, (they in order of the second photo and reverse of the top!  Sorry just keeping you on your toes) has to be Rococo 'Brocade Creme' with its perfect deep red shade and great formula.  A classic rusty red can be worn any time of year but I tend to reach for it more around this time of year, these particular formulas from Maybelline are seriously hard wearing too.  Brown Button from Rococo is a step up from Brocade Creme, an almost-black-but-not shade.  A deep purple is another Autumn/Winter winner and Black Cherries by Rimmel has a really pretty, subtle sparkle.  Another Rococo fave (can you tell I like Rococo?) is Me Me Me, a gorgeous dark blue shade, great on short nails and a nice alternative to the more classic nail colours.

Whats your favourite nail polish for this time of year?

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  1. I love the colour on your middle digit..sorry if that sound rude!! :)