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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

If there is anything I have learnt over the last 21 months, its how to cope with (and disguise) extreme tiredness!  Having a toddler who still hasn't learnt the beautiful art of sleeping through the night on a regular basis yet,  I have been forced in to trying lots of products that might be able to breath some life back in to my face and just generally make the whole parenting thing a little easier. 

One of my good friends has recently had a beautiful baby girl so me and some friends thought we would put together a little 'Mummy Pamper Kit' full of a few favourite essentials.  If you too are of the parent variety or know someone who is/about to be, then this post is for you!

My number one all time favourite product, especially since becoming a parent is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (£11.50, Space NK).  Its great for waking up tired skin, the smell of the amazing combination of essential oils makes me feel so refreshed and my skin feels more hydrated, I spritz this on in the morning after a night of little sleep and then through out the day when it takes my fancy.  Its also great used after powdering to take away the powdery look while keeping makeup in place and I also highly recommend it after night on the tiles!

Next is the Lush, Brazened Honey Face Mask (£6.50), I love Lush face masks for their natural ingredients, great results and affordable price tag.  I haven't tried this particular one myself yet but being one thats good for waking up and soothing tired skins, I thought it fit perfectly in to our little package.

I found this lovely hand sanitiser by Green and Spring in Space NK (£7.50), its natural, non-drying, smells lovely and the packaging is beautiful!  A perfect addition to any parents change bag.

Lastly, some Lanolips 101 Ointment (£10.99, Boots), this is now a cult product and is great for dry skin and lips and is also baby safe so good for little dry noses in the winter!

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