The Comfortable Heels

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I'm the kind of person who loves the idea of wearing heels, but never actually goes through with it.  For a special occasion, I try and make the effort but usually about an hour in, i'm bare foot walking around like the secret St. Werburghs hippy that I am.  So, you can imagine my utter joy and surprise when I found a pair of beautiful 4 and half inch heels that I can actually walk in and that don't hurt my feet, at all, I would go as far to say they are comfortable!

These babies are from New Look and cost me an extremely reasonable £24.99, I'm kind and have provided the link here :)

I shall be trialling them out at a wedding this weekend so I will update this post with how long I managed to keep them on for, cue ridiculous story of how I tried very hard to look like a lady but still managed to fall over awkwardly in front of everyone.  we'll see...

THE UPDATE... No joke, I lasted more than 12 hours on those bad boys! No pain and more surprisingly, no falling... at least I don't think there was!

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