Big boobs, small back?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

If any of you ladies suffer with big boobs, small back syndrome then you will understand the frustration  of bra shopping for anything that doesn't make you feel hideously frumpy, look a strange shape and for the pleasure, make you part with a large wodge of cash.  Its the bane of many and it still confuses me why more brands don't cater for it!  

Anyway, I have always walked passed Boux Avenue with the idea that its just another bra company who are more interested in girly branding and sexy models than they are creating beautiful but comfortable bras for all sizes!  I was wrong - on a random afternoon off from being a mother, while shopping in Cabot Circus in Bristol I decided to pop in and have a mooch around, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found and while its still not cheap, you can find really pretty bras that come in a huge range of sizes, especially smaller back sizes and larger cup sizes (they also cater well for larger backs and smaller cup sizes) and they are much better quality than their branding makes them look.  I'd like to see them do a 28" back size, more unpadded styles and tone down their branding a bit as I think they would appeal to a wider audience but honestly if you haven't tried them yet, give it a go!  I will definitely be back again for the Sienna (pictured above) in cream!

* This is not a sponsored post, just a good find!


  1. The bikinis are also really good...and I struggle massively with those! LDH xx

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