Origins Ginzing Eye Cream - First Thoughts

Monday, 28 July 2014

Finally, this eye cream is in my possession!  Having wanted Origins Ginzing eye cream for literally years, I actually managed to purchase the raved about product.  You know when you just have things on your wish list forever and never end up getting around to trying them, well this is the Ginzing eye cream for me.  I first wanted to give it ago when Tanya Burr started raving about it back in the day, and never having been very good at properly working an eye cream in to my routine I wasn't sure how much I would use it but after a couple of English summers with temperatures to rival most holiday destinations and a year and a half of VERY little sleep (thanks, Charlie), I'm finally realising eye cream might need to become a part of my skin care routine for good.

With claims of a refreshing formula to brighten and de-puff it sounds like something I could do with at the moment!  At first glance, I really like the peachy colour and the very subtle light reflecting particles.  It looks like a cream but feels like a gel when you apply it, after my first few applications I can noticeably feel the cooling and almost tightening, my eyes definitely look brighter and more awake.  Yep, pleased about this one!  I will report back in a few weeks to see if I have become a convert or reverted back to my lazy, non eye cream using days.

Next on my Origins shopping list is the Modern Friction exfoliator, what Origins products would you recommend?

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