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Friday, 18 July 2014


Finally, we are starting to feel settled in our new house!  We're slowly getting things decorated and organised with still a long way to go but I love the idea of all the future projects that are coming our way.  So, it goes without saying, I am extremely obsessed with all things home ware and decoration at the moment!  Its great being able to invest in items we can use as a family for years to come and create little areas around our home that we can all enjoy spending time in.  When you are finally able to really put your stamp on a place, you realise the possibilities are endless and that each decision is really important... pressure!

As you can probably tell, blue and white kitchen accessories are doing it for me, I would say recently visiting Homesense for the first time ever may have had something to do with it, judging by the amount of massive bags we left with.  That place is dangerous, but amazing and also a bit strange... most the kitchen items are from there, apart from the utensils pot which I found in the House of Fraser Sale, who, by the way, do the most amazing home ware sales.

Charlie has a little reading corner in our living room which is very cute and gives him his own little space in an otherwise child free room.  Our last living room was constantly covered in toys so its nice to have a space to keep tidy and clutter free!  Our sofa and footstool are from DFS (both from the Gower range), most of the sofas in there look like they belong in a nursing home but they do have a handful of lovely collections there so it's worth checking out if you don't want to spend a fortune.  The cushions are a combination of Homesense and Primark, I am always on the look out for beautiful cushions and am definitely in need of a few corkers to jazz up the sofa.

I have a habit of browsing Pinterest for new ideas and loved the idea of framing Charlie's paintings and drawings, so the masterpiece above is the first of our framed collection.  I actually think it looks amazing and cant wait to fill one of the kitchen walls with them!

In the bedroom, we are particularly pleased with our bedside lamps which are from Next, who have a surprisingly nice range of lighting.  My absolute favourite recent purchase though, has to be our new bedroom curtains from Chandi Chowk, they make the room feel so peaceful and serene.

Charlie's room has been a really fun project, the alphabet picture is just a pretty piece of wrapping paper in an Ikea frame and the school style book shelf was also from Ikea for about a fiver!  Its safe to say that with all this bargain home ware shopping, Pinterest snooping and decorating, I am in my element.  If you know any good homey style blogs, let me know in the comments or on twitter @ohhelloface as I'd love to get some more inspiration.

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