Reverse Hair washing!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Would it be over the top to say this has changed my life?  No? OK good.  A few days ago I saw a couple of people mention 'reverse hair washing' on Twitter and then later that day, completely randomly, a friend said she had tried the same thing and that it was great!  I know how to take a hint from the universe so the very next day I tried the ever so crazy trend of washing my hair the wrong way round, exactly the same as I normally do but putting my conditioner on the ends of my hair first, rinsing it out and then giving my scalp a good lather.  I couldn't help but feel a bit strange!  The results were really interesting, so much better than I'd have hoped!  My hair type is fine, ultra flat and gets greasy very quickly.  I usually wash it every other day but the second day is always a struggle and no dry shampoo can convince my hair to look clean and volumous!  I noticed as soon as I had dried my hair roughly with the hair dryer that it had more oompf and more texture to it, feeling thicker and less silky and slippy.  I quickly ran my straighteners through my fringe and popped in a few loose waves at the front and I really didnt feel the need for any volomising sprays or powders at all - what a revelation!  I assumed this would be short lived as any type of volume in my hair usually is, but by the end of the day my hair was still squeaky clean and full of body.  Literally, life changing!  If you have a look at my instagram there is a picture of my second day hair still looking clean and full of life.  Any one else who has the same type of hair as me will totally get how great this is and if you haven't already tried it then I highly recommend you do!

*Disclaimer: there are far too many exclamation marks in this post due to my excitement......!

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