Battle of the pinks

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Although my professional makeup kit is huge, my personal collection is quite modest but as I was looking for a lippy to wear at a wedding this Friday I noticed I own rather a lot of pinks!  Its definitely my go-to shade if I'm in need of a little colour on my lips and all these are a variation on similar shades and finishes, what can I say, I know what I like!

The L'oreal Collection Prive in Julianne is the most nude toned and is a typical 'my lips but better' shade, its really easy to wear with a moisturising satin finish that lasts really well.  The smell is really strong though and I know some people hate it!  Tanya Burr has created one of the only lip gloss's I would consider wearing as I personally don't enjoy the feeling of a gloss but Picnic in the Park is such a beautiful colour and the formula isn't sticky at all which makes it feel more like a balm.  My favourite by far is Rimmel's Colour Rush Balm in Give Me a Cuddle, its a cool, bright but light pink that is a dream to apply and lasts for ages, you can see a more in depth review here.  The newest addition is by Lipstick Queen in Perfect Wave with a slightly darker raspberry tone but its still really easy to wear as it has a sheer to medium glossy finish and lasts surprisingly well.  The Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses is a stain with a balm on the end, it doesn't actually last that well and really dries out my lips but its a really pretty and easy colour.  Lastly, its the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade, I waited for ages to buy one of these and when I finally did I was pretty disappointed with the finish, formula, and lasting power!  Not great in my opinion but `I know loads of people love them, the colour of this one is really pretty though and I would love a lipstick in the same shade!

I haven't yet decided which one I'm going to wear but I will probably post a picture on Instagram when I'm at the wedding!

Do you swear by a particular pink lipstick?

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