Baby and parent friendly Bristol: Bakers and Co.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

So, its Sunday already!  This week has been somewhat less eventful than the last and the end of it has been spent at home with a poorly baby.  Here is something we did do this week, however (just before Charlie turned in to a coughing, sneezing, snot ball) and its the first of a new series of posts I have been wanting to write for ages, my most favourite baby friendly spots in Bristol.  When I'm not working, me and Charlie spend most of our days plodding around Bristol, usually Gloucester Road, St. Werburghs, Clifton and Cabot Circus, and usually with another friend and baby in tow.   If we are not playing on the slides and swings of the nearest park then we can probably be found visiting our favourite cafes and the occasional pub!  There are lots of places I love going to in Bristol with Charlie because, not only are they very baby and child friendly, they are very adult friendly too and I would still love to visit them even if I didn't have a toddlers needs to think about!  

One of Gloucester Roads newest offerings, Bakers and Co. starts us off,  I first visited with my mum, sister and Charlie for mothers day, I think it had only been open a week or two at the time but we enjoyed some super yummy food (I had the Bakers Toast with goats cheese, walnuts, honey and thyme £6) in a relaxed atmosphere and (a maybe slightly too laid back) friendly service.  The decor is lovely and you can tell it has been influenced by the owners time spent in Australia and San Francisco, really modern and fresh whilst remaining homely and rustic,  I could happily while away a few hours sipping coffee and browsing the pages of Porter magazine (I wish) but luckily, it is just as enjoyable having Charlie with me too!  They have great little high chairs that clip to the table, saving space and also deep enough so toddlers can't climb out!  Does anyone else hate those square wooden high chairs you get everywhere, even when strapped in as tight as I can manage, Charlie always manages to climb out!  There is also, I suppose, the possibility that I might have a particularly cheeky monkey for a child...

I noticed on my second visit, mid week, that every second table happened to be joined by their off spring too, which shows we're not the only parent/toddler duo making it our new hangout.  I had a glass of the homemade lime, mint, cucumber and soda, seriously refreshing, and my pal had a delicious looking coffee, Charlie stuck to his usual milk for which the friendly waitress kindly provided some hot water.  I have to say, I noticed the service had pepped up a lot (in a good way) from the last time I was there, perhaps showing they are feeling a little more comfortable in there new shoes.  I didn't opt for any cakes or food this time but I will be back soon to try the sourdough toast with salted chocolate spread, fennel seeds and hazelnuts (£3.50) or the pork belly with sweet potato bubble and squeak and poached eggs (£7.95) which mum had on our first visit and loved.  

What else can I say baby wise?  It has great changing facilities and a few conveniently placed spaces for buggies to slot in next to tables, all in all, a perfect new addition to one of my favourite parts of Bristol.  They are only open Thursday to Sunday at the moment, I think while they test the waters but when we tried to pop in for a coffee one Monday morning, I saw two other groups of people walk away with sad faces too so I think that should change sooner rather than later!

Have you made a trip to Bakers and Co. yet?

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