Fallen back in love with: Clarins Liquid Bronze

Thursday, 20 March 2014

OK so technically I have never fallen out of love with this product but with the sun coming out more often I have felt the urge for a bit more colour on my very wintery feeling face!  I had forgotten what a lovely product this is, its easy to use, giving a lovely natural bronze colour while not having that yucky fake tan smell and sinking in to the skin really quickly, and the major bonus - it doesn't break me out!  Big big yey!

I squeeze a biggish pea size blob on to a cotton pad and do one half of my face and repeat on a clean cotton pad for the other half, this ensures even coverage all over your face and keeps it mess free.  I always wash my hands afterwards just incase!  Its perfect to use every other day (I prefer doing it just before bed) with out having to tan your whole body as it doesn't give an obvious colour, its just makes you look a lot healthier and more glowing, perfect for this time of year when limbs aren't quite ready to show themselves off yet!

Off I trot, dreaming about tanned skin and sun...

1 comment:

  1. How dark do you go with this tan? I need to get with the tanning programme!! ;)