Nails Inc. three week manicure

Monday, 3 February 2014

My christmas present from my sister this year was a Nails Inc. manicure, I never get my nails done so I was very excited at the prospect of some pampering (thanks again sister)!

I went along to the Nails Inc in Harvey Nichols, Bristol and enjoyed sipping my champagne while I had the two week gel manicure.  I was pleased with the results so I agreed to sign up the the 3 for 2 loyalty card, oops!

I noticed some chipping after about 4 days which surprised me, for a £45 gel manicure I would expect them to last a bit longer but I do have very weak nails that are prone to flaking and breaking so I thought I'd see how the second manicure fared with a bit more looking after.  This one was booked at House of Fraser (Bristol) purely because its closer to where I live.  This time round I wasn't as pleased with the look of the nails, they could have been painted slightly neater and the gel was applied a bit heavily which made them appear thick, not a good look!  Three days later I noticed some pealing at the sides of pretty much all the nails and when I pulled at one of them it came straight off!  I was given another appointment for a free manicure with the Nails Inc manager, Emma.  I instantly noticed a difference from my previous two manicures, she was much more thorough and painted them perfectly so I left a very happily painted lady this time.  They lasted well for just over a week which I was much more satisfied with but for my third and final manicure I decided to upgrade to the three week manicure, I have heard the likes of Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo recommend it before so this made me even more keen.  I have now had them (pictured above) for 9 days and they are looking as perfect as day one, in my opinion the three week manicure is in a different league to the two week one and well worth the extra spend.  Apparently its not unusual to get 4 to 5 weeks wear out of these so Im interested to see how long they last!

I am disappointed with the inconsistency in the standard of Nail Technician at Nails Inc, for £45 I want my nails to look bloody amazing!  I also cant believe the difference between the two different gel manicures, if you cant decide between the two, I fully recommend spending that bit extra for the three week manicure and if you live Bristol, ask for Emma at the House of Fraser Nails Inc. 

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  1. Nails look fab - can't even remember the last time I had mine done haha xx