My simple skincare routine

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I have used many different skincare brands and products over the years, from drugstore to high end, and one thing I have learnt is that for my skin type its better to keep it simple and not chop and change too much.  I have sensitive/combination skin, I suffer from dry patches, breakouts and redness.  Yey lucky me!  Its always tempting to try the latest skin saviour, which isn't a bad thing if my routine isn't working any more but I generally try to stick by the saying; if its not broke, don't fix it.  I always give a product two to four weeks to work its magic and then stick with it if it works.  Obviously if it breaks me out straight away, then I steer well clear.

My skincare routine at the moment is very simple, affordable and low maintenance which works perfectly for me at the moment!  I have always used Cetaphil on and off but recently I have been using it more consistently as I really like how clean it leaves my face whilst not feeling dry.  Another favourite I also sometimes use is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, if I stray away from either of those two cleansers I always regret it!

I love the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant for being so gentle on the skin whilst still removing any dry patches and leaving it feeling smooth and squeaky clean without any tightness.  It also has a really cool powder to cream formula thats lovely to use.

For moisturiser, I use Oilatum Natural Repair Cream, like a lot of people I found out about it through Nicola Chapman (Pixiwoo) and Im very glad I did as it is the first moisturiser to completely hydrate my face without making it oily, I used to have to apply so many layers of cream before my skin lost that tight feeling.

The last thing I have recently dug out of my bathroom cupboard is my tea tree oil, I had completely forgotten about it until I watched a recent video by Fleur.  It was perfect timing as I had just noticed my first proper spot since having Charlie, and since my skin has been weirdly clear for the last year I felt rather unprepared!  Tea tree oil has disinfecting and soothing properties, perfect for clearing up breakouts and because its an oil it doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils, which can ultimately create more spots.  Its not the fastest spot treatment I have used but it calmed the blemish down considerably after a couple of days and it was nice knowing I wasn't using any harsh alcohol or chemicals on my skin.

I would love to know of any products you swear by for your skin type!

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