How to make your own DIY oil cleanser | Dry to combination skin.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

I'm a sucker for a DIY and as a current student in the life of all things green living and an ex product junkie I couldn't wait to get making my own homemade skincare products!  I have been using my homemade micellar water for a while now and I love it so next on my list was an oil cleanser!

I have been using natural, green, cruelty free skincare for years now but good cleansers can be very expensive and very packaging heavy.  I had a little search around the internet for recipes and started collecting the ingredients that sounded good for my skin type, which is dry, dry as hell.  Tired too and also sometimes spot prone.  I know, I know, lucky me right!?  My hope is that eventually I will be able to find most of these ingredients package free and as we have two zero waste shops about to open in Bristol this could be sooner than I thought!  Yippee!

Before I had all the ingredients to make my cleansing oil I started using rosehip seed oil on its own for both cleansing AND moisturising and I have to say I actually loved it.  It worked perfectly for my skin, removed makeup amazingly, cleaned my skin affectively and left it feeling soft, hydrated and happy.  I could have just stuck with that but no, because I am little miss extra about everything, I still wanted to make my own, more complicated recipe... don't ask, I annoy myself, I really do.

If like me you have dry/combination skin and would like to have a go making your own cleanser, here is the recipe I used below - completely natural, vegan and toxic-free!

1 tbsp Castor Oil
3 tbsp Organic Sunflower Oil
4 tbsp Avocado Oil
4 tbsp Rosehip Seed Oil

Mix all the oils in a bowl and then transfer to a bottle with a funnel.  I reused an old oil bottle that had been used up.

This recipe is based on researching which oils are good for dry skin, looking at ratios of other recipes and using oils that I already really liked.  So far it is working brilliantly for me, removing makeup perfectly and leaving my skin happy, clean and hydrated.  The only thing that has been slightly annoying is that Ive had my first spot in ages and I'm wondering if this is down to the castor oil as this ingredient tends to draw out impurities so my hope is that once they have been drawn out that all will be ok!

How to use it?  I am following the general rules of 'The Oil Cleansing Method', which if you google it, you will find many posts on this but basically I pour the oil in to my hand, about a 50p sized puddle, then I warm it by rubbing my hands together and then I massage it in to dry skin, even if I am wearing makeup.  Massage your whole face with the oil, taking time to concentrate on problem areas and do your eyes last if you are wearing eye makeup to avoid a face covered in mascara remnants!  Once you have massaged it in to the skin take a warm wash cloth and soak it under a hot tap, squeeze out the water and pop the warm cloth over your face so you steam the skin and open the pores to allow the oil to clean away all the impurites, when the cloth feels cool, gently wipe away the oil and the dirt.  I repeat this step with the cloth two or three times.  If I am wearing a lot of makeup, I give my face another quick cleanse.  Apparently you only need to do this at night and then when you wake up in the morning all you need is a clean wash cloth and some warm water followed by your usual facial oil or moisturiser.  I have been cleansing morning and night but am going to stop in the morning now and see how it goes!

Have you made your own cleanser?  What recipe do you use? 

My Zero Waste Transition So Far

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

OMG it's February already, I mean, THANK GOD January is over but also, WTF?!  Anyway, I wont go on about how time flies blah blah blah but instead I wanted to talk about how my goal of becoming a leeetle bit more zero waste is going.  Now, zero waste is becoming so much of a 'trend' right now that I'm getting a little sick of hearing, saying or writing it, haha anyone else?!  But actually this is a REALLY GOOD THING!

When I first became fascinated in the whole (oh go here I go again) zero waste thing it was when it was less well known and the idea of walking in to a shop and asking if it was ok to use my own little homemade cotton bag to put my cashew nuts in, brought me out in sweats in fear of being laughed out of the shop!  Ha!  Well not quite, and to be fair where I live there are so many hippies that they've all been doing it for years probably, anyway and actually if they are anything like my mum, just roll their eyes and say 'thats how we used to do it when you were children!'.  It makes me realise how new this whole 'convenience' thing is and that it wasn't very long ago that people were using reusable everything!

So already this year I have made some changes that I am very pleased with and continue to try new things until I find the things that suit me, from cloth nappies and wipes to coffee cups and deodorant.  In my new videos below I discuss some of these changes and I have also set up a new community Facebook group (I know,  I'm so extra sometimes) so if you live North of the river in Bristol then search 'How to be Plastic Free (North Bristol)' on Facebook and come join me, its basically a space to share how to shop zero waste (and anything else related) in North Bristol!

Are you making any changes to how much waste you produce as an individual or a family?  I'd love to know what yours have been!

My Goals for 2018 | Zero Waste & Simplifying

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Ahhhh finally getting back in to swing of things over here!!  As it's a fresh new year and I have lots of plans for 2018 I thought I'd let you know what some of my goals are for the coming months, its all in the video below!  If you aren't subscribed to my youtube channel, you can do that here!  Happy New Year!

Green People New Damask Rose Facial Oil | Giveaway

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

If you read my blog or watch my videos, you will know how much I love a facial oil!  My skin has never been happier since oils became a regular part of my skincare routine.  The latest edition to my routine is the gorgeous new facial oil by Green People, a brand I am really enjoying at the moment.  Their Damask Rose Facial Oil is part of their special edition collection celebrating their 20th anniversary and is specially released for parched Winter skin.

The gorgeous blend of oils improves the skins texture while keeping it hydrated and reducing fine lines.  With Jojoba and Rosehip Oil to restore suppleness and elasticity, Thistle Seed, Sweet Almond and Avocado to improve texture and firmness and lock in moisture, a calming and soothing blend of  Rose Otto, Lavender, Basil and Majoram and lemon peel to brighten!  Reading that back I'm not surprised my skin loves it - any skin type could do with a little helping hand from these guys.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these too then head to my Instagram to enter my giveaway to win a bottle of this gorgeous facial oil worth £29.

The Wild Source Apothecary

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A couple of months ago I received a very lovely little parcel from The Wild Source Apothecary, a small batch, botanical beauty company producing vegan, ethical and completely natural skincare products with the most beautiful ingredients, made by a lady called Kate in her kitchen in Bristol.  I loved them so much, I almost forgot to photograph them before I used them all up but then decided to use the official Wild Source Apothecary photos anyway because the are SO BEAUTIFUL!

The Hot Oil Cleanser fast became a big favourite in my skincare routine, leaving my skin feeling really fresh and clean but also balanced and moisturised and it removed my makeup perfectly, although I tried not to waste this gorgeousness on makeup removal and usually used it after I had used my micellar water to remove my makeup first.  The ingredients speak for them selves and each one is there for a specific reason, creating a pretty perfect cleanser in my opinion!

The Miracle Skin Oil is gorgeous, I have been using it on its own and also layering with other oils when my skin is particularly needy (I'm a bit of an oil addict) I'd say if you have a oily/combination skin type and are afraid of using oils on your skin then this is the perfect one to try used on its own and if you are a more dehydrated skin type like me then you might want to add a moisturiser on top.  It also smells AMAZING, this little bottle ain't gonna be around for long that's for sure!

The Radiance Mask is suitable for even sensitive skin types and leaves mine feeling smooth and soft and looking a lot brighter.  Since I have stopped using an acid toner everyday I have noticed I need something a little extra every so often to refresh my skin and this has been perfect!  This is exactly the type of product I love to use before a big night out or  an event where I want to wear a little more makeup than usual as everything sits perfectly and stays looking perfect for much longer.

Definitely head over and read all about Kate's amazing skincare and all the beautiful ingredients she uses and what they can do for your skin, I will be purchasing another cleanser ASAP!

Visiting Salcombe in Autumn

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

We started half term with a well overdue trip to the inlaws, we love a catch up with bens parents and it always includes lush food, super comfy beds, a tidy house and a happy Charlie (and wonderful company of course)!  Another lovely thing about heading further in to the South West is all the beautiful little places there is to visit, this time we visited Salcombe on one of our days trips, a pretty little town on the Southern coast.

We had a little walk through the pretty streets, ate some yummy food and generally had a grand old time.  It was still super busy even though it was a rainy October day, I can only imagine how crazy it gets in the Summer!

We arrived home yesterday, late afternoon and have basically spent the day and a half since then discussing paint colours for the dining room.  We have finally decided on a pale pink (after much deliberation), I am very excited!  Tomorrow, Ben and I, have a child free day to pink up our dining room, it is going to be an excellent day.

New Autumn Boots

Thursday, 12 October 2017

On Sunday we ventured in to the countryside, to a little place with a funny name called North Nibley, in the Cotswolds.  Ben grew up there for some of his childhood so its always nice to pop back there so we can wind around the country lanes while Ben says 'thats where Andys, Aunty's dog Gerald pooed that one time' or 'thats where we crashed that motorbike me and my friends bought that we never told out parents about'... you know the kinds of things country folk do, LOL.  I was MUCH more sophisticated as a child obviously.

It was lovely to have a walk there with the boys and my Sister and Bro in-law, you really notice Autumn in the countryside don't you, in a way that the city doesn't quite match up to.  So we bumbled around, took in the views and then went for a pub lunch afterwards.  Wholesome or what.

The best thing about the Autumn is being able to pop your boots back on and wrap up in a big chunky scarf.  I don't think my feet remembered what it was like to wear shoes having lived in my sandals all summer but these boots from Duo Boots are so so comfortable it has been an easy transition! 

These photos were hilarious to take in the woods with funny looks from passers by and my child going feral with a stick but I just had to catch those Autumn leaves and that lush light, luckily my brother in law, Ben, just so happens to be an absolute mega amazing photographer (have a look at his Instagram) so, somehow, he managed to get a few where I wasn't batting away or child or pulling a pained expression, ha - thank you Ben!

Photographer: Ben Adams
Boots: Duo Boots
Scarf: Next
Jeans: Next Outlet at Clarkes Village
Top: Fat Face handed down from my lovely friend Fritha!