New Autumn Boots

Thursday, 12 October 2017

On Sunday we ventured in to the countryside, to a little place with a funny name called North Nibley, in the Cotswolds.  Ben grew up there for some of his childhood so its always nice to pop back there so we can wind around the country lanes while Ben says 'thats where Andys, Aunty's dog Gerald pooed that one time' or 'thats where we crashed that motorbike me and my friends bought that we never told out parents about'... you know the kinds of things country folk do, LOL.  I was MUCH more sophisticated as a child obviously.

It was lovely to have a walk there with the boys and my Sister and Bro in-law, you really notice Autumn in the countryside don't you, in a way that the city doesn't quite match up to.  So we bumbled around, took in the views and then went for a pub lunch afterwards.  Wholesome or what.

The best thing about the Autumn is being able to pop your boots back on and wrap up in a big chunky scarf.  I don't think my feet remembered what it was like to wear shoes having lived in my sandals all summer but these boots from Duo Boots are so so comfortable it has been an easy transition! 

These photos were hilarious to take in the woods with funny looks from passers by and my child going feral with a stick but I just had to catch those Autumn leaves and that lush light, luckily my brother in law, Ben, just so happens to be an absolute mega amazing photographer (have a look at his Instagram) so, somehow, he managed to get a few where I wasn't batting away or child or pulling a pained expression, ha - thank you Ben!

Photographer: Ben Adams
Boots: Duo Boots
Scarf: Next
Jeans: Next Outlet at Clarkes Village
Top: Fat Face handed down from my lovely friend Fritha!

Its Officially Autumn | A Look Back On The Last Few Months

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

It has just dawned on me that it is full on Autumn time.  Is it just me or is this the fastest actual year known to man?!  It could possibly be the combination of watching the littlest child grow up and the biggest child start school, I mean, WHEN, literally when did this all happen??  

The positives of the fact that Summer is totally over, is that most importantly, I made it through the 7 week Summer holiday with two children.  Phew.  As much as I found it really blimming tiring we had some lovely adventures and good old times.

Having little day trips around Bristol with both boys was so lovely and was made some much nicer having my sister around who had the summer holidays off work.  Sister chats AND someone to help with the kids, total win.

One of my favourite things to do in good weather is hang out on my mums allotment, Charlie loves it there and gets completely stuck in - I can't wait until Louis can too, although he did enjoy eating the grass while we sat and watched mum and Charlie bumble around.  

We went there during St. Werburghs summer fair and it was such a perk of knowing an allotment holder, we listened to the music while drinking cider but without any of the hustle and bustle which can be sliiiiiightly irritating with two small kids.

I attempted Vlogust and did pretty well considering I was ill for half of the month and have a very poor track record with daily vlogging!  It was so lovely to capture some of our everyday lives though and I can't wait to watch them back in a few years time!

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary at Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall which was lushness itself, I need to go back but without the kids!

Probably my number one favourite part of the summer holidays was watching the boys become right old proper little buds, they are hilarious and really make my heart melt and make me cry with laughter in equal measure.  They are similar but so different at the same time, I have a feeling they are going to be a mischievous little duo as they grow up.  They are also both becoming complete daddies boys, which I'm not gonna lie, I love!  I'm not ashamed to say I love knowing when I need to get away for a bit of me time, they are both going to have the time of their lives with Ben.  What is it with dads being more fun?!

We saw family who we don't see enough of, both at my field in Cornwall and across the other side of the country where some of Bens family are, Charlie loves hanging out with his cousins and it makes me sad he doesn't see them more, they have such a special bond in the same way I remember me and my sister loved (and still do!) seeing our cousin too!

Something I wish I'd done more of is see some of my best buds, I have a few people I usually see once every week or two but somehow managed to go the whole summer hols without seeing them!  Totally unheard of for me, they keep me sane and its like having an extended family when you see your friends so often but I think the tiring world of motherhood to two busy boys 24/7 sucked me in for a while! 

Yey to Autumn - comfy jumpers, bold lipsticks, cosy evenings in the pub and crisp leafy walks with some crazy and hilarious boys.

Shooting for Lionheart Magazine

Monday, 25 September 2017

Painting beautiful faces, chatting to some of my favourite new friends, wearing some AMAZING clothes from Ace & Jig and having my photo taken by the super clever Nell Mallia while giggling away in the long grass at Stoke Park for Lionheart Magazine.  Sounds fun eh?  I might need to recreate that day again somehow haha, but honestly it was LUSH!  

Making up faces I know is actually one of my favourite things to do, more so than faces I don't know for some reason so it was an extra joy to try out some Jane Iredale products on their lovely faces.  Having my photo taken is something I used to be terrible at, actually not when I was a kid, I was a right poser then, but the harsh reality of adulthood knocked that self confidence right out of me!  Like it does to lots of people, I suppose!  But since doing this blogging, vlogging malarkey, I've let go of caring what people think and taking myself a little less seriously - quite liberating really.  I think age may have something to do with it as well because since hitting my thirties and spitting out two funny little boys I've finally learnt to do what makes me happy and not worry what people think.

The photos from this shoot are so beautiful, the location, the clothes, the colours are right up my street and I'm so pleased to have been part of something so lush!  The whole magazine is gorgeous, including a piece on pattern and colour by one of my absolute most favourite new people in my life, Fritha, if you ever need inspiration to get more colour in your life, she's your girl!  My other wonderful friend, Sasha, also has a column in there too -she is a wealth of knowledge on all things green beauty, I'm always pestering her when I need to know about... well basically anything beauty!    Not surprisingly she is an amazing holistic and beauty therapist here in Bristol.  There might even be a cheeky bit from me too; about my family field and my job as a makeup artist!  The whole magazine is amazing, defo check it out, its stocked in Anthropologie as well as loads of independent stores but you can get it online too if you don't find it in real life! 

Photos: Nell Mallia
Makeup: Me using Jane Iredale 
Clothes: Ace & Jig
T-shirts: Lionheart
Masks: Animalesque
Featuring: Sasha, Sally, Hels, Tash and Me!

Getting My Mojo Back

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Ahh it was all going so well, I was getting through the summer holidays, things were breezing along, I was daily vlogging and really enjoying capturing mine and the boys little moments together and then BAM. Tonsi-bloody-litis.  In bed for 6 days (it was so painful!) and regaining my energy for another 6!  I don't often get ill like that and core blimey I am appreciating my health now.  Isn't it terrible how we take good health for granted!

So now I'm feeling better it's been lovely to try and get the house organised again and get out and about with the boys more.  Today I even managed to start vlogging again!  We went on a lovely dog walk to Stoke Park this afternoon after a day working in the garden.  Lots of fresh air helping to give me life again! 

DIY Body Balm | The Wild Mix

Monday, 17 July 2017

This is something I was really looking forward to trying, a homemade natural body balm but with all the faff taken out.  All the ingredients in the right quantities delivered straight to your door by The Wild Mix.

The Wild Mix is all about natural, simple and effective skincare, which to me makes a lot of sense and I love the idea of making a ritual out of your skincare, both preparing it and using it.

The package included all the ingredients to make the Wild Gold Revitalising Body Balm; a big jar of coconut oil, some marigold oil, sweet almond oil, sea buckthorn co2 extract, pink grapefruit and some simple to follow instructions.  No fancy kit needed, just a bowl, some hot water and a spoon.  It was so easy to make, like SO EASY but I felt so proud of it haha.

I have been using the balm for a couple of weeks and first of all, THE SMELL , wow, I mean it just smells incredible. Which basically makes it a joy to use.  It sinks in really quickly which is great and I have been using it on dry areas of my body, my lips and even my face when I ran out of face oil AND moisturiser on the same bloody day.

I have been keeping it in my fridge while its warm and its been a lovely treat to open up the fridge and slap a bit on to a random deserving part of the body.

Other than a body balm it can be used on achey joints, dry lips and as a makeup remover.  I love the sound of the latter so will be giving this a go!

I made a video showing you how to make it and what it all looks like (it's so pretty to make!) below so check it out and let me know if you have tried any products from The Wild Mix.

Wake Up Makeup Using 6 Products | My Tips and Tricks

Saturday, 8 July 2017

What I'd love right now is for someone to tell my baby to SLEEP, that is honestly all I need out of life right now.  Failing that, at least I have my makeup artistry skills to fake the awake-ness!  I don't often wear makeup on a daily basis but recently its been nice to inject a bit of life in to my face.

I decided to make a video with all my favourite tips and tricks from skincare to little mascara tricks, using 6 products and keeping it speedy as usual!

Products used:
Too Faced Hangover Primer
INIKA Perfection Concealer
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter 
NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Taupe
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Waterproof
NYX Lip Pencil in Life's a Beach

YouTube Catch Up!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I thought I'd get on here to keep you updated with my new videos over on my youtube channel if you don't follow me there!  Baby clothes, fashion, cruelty free summer makeup, favourites, my breastfeeding journey plus a lovely little colab with my pal Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn.

I have popped my latest one below but if you'd like to watch the rest they are all linked in my side bar, you can also subscribe to me here.